Dinner & live music events in October

1 october   Laci Duka Gipsy Swing

2 october Attila Rieger Trio

5 october   Oti Voice and Bass

8 october   Róbert Németh Csicsó and Band

9 october    Attila Rieger Trio

15 october    Laci Duka Gipsy Swing

16 october   Attila Rieger Trio

18 october   Gergely Gero Nagy

22 october Róbert Németh Csicsó and Band

23 october Attila Rieger Trio

25 october Oti Voice and Bass

29 october Laci Duka Gipsy Swing

30 october Attila Rieger Trio

Live gypsy music from 18:30 on weekdays and from 12 noon on Sundays while you enjoy the
Szaletly gastro experience.

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