On our menu, allergen labels are marked according to the ingredients in the recipe of each dish.

The staff of our kitchen prepares all our dishes with the utmost care and all our dishes are prepared in one room, in one space. Therefore, the complete separation of orders is not technically possible. We kindly ask our allergy-sensitive guests to take this into account when ordering
In all cases, please report your sensitivity to our service colleague!!


Jersey sajt mousse  2.990

/János Galló soft cheese with beetroot variations/

Casino deviled eggs  2.790

/cauliflower salad with mayonnaise and mousse hollandaise/

Carpaccio of Hungarian Simmental Cattle  4.690

/matured with Szaletly red wine served with artisan cheese/

Chicken liver paté  3.690

/pear, toasted almonds, Furmint jelly/

Megyaszó mangalitza selection  3.490

/with crunchy bread/


Fried head cheese from megyaszo  3.690

/remoulade-potato salad/

Pressed, grilled eggplant  3.490

/with hummus, candied hazelnuts/



/with its breast, pasta aspirale and vegetables/

Cream of pumpkin soup  1.990

/baked apple, toasted pumpkin seeds/

Fisherman's soup in a cup 2.990

/with carp fillets, and „matchstick” noodles/

in a pot (+ 2.000 Ft)

with fish offal (+ 940 Ft)

Goulash soup in a cup  2.890

with diced beef neck, potatoes and carrot
in a pot (+ 1.700 Ft)


Farm chicken breast  4.690.- 

/grilled chicken breast with parsnip purée, parsley salad, tomato jus/

Winter salad with broccoli and roasted chicken 4.890.- 

/with confit garlic, Asian sesame dressing/
or with garlic prawns +900

Hungarian duck risotto  5.390.-

/confit duck wings, roasted liver de canard, heart, pearl barley risotto/

Szaletly layered potatoes  4.690.-

/potato textures, six minute egg, mangalica debreziner sausage/

Jókai bean dish  5.890.-

/mangalica knuckle, confit beans, smoked jus, sour cream jelly/

Cordon bleu  6.390.-

/pork chop, stuffed with János Galló cheese,aged ham served with potato whip/

Slow roasted lamb  6.390.-

/from the Dembrovszky farm, beluga lentil stew, roasted kapia pepper, ginger jus/

Stuffed cabbage  4.990

/of mangalica pork, confit ribs/

Dark beer beef stew  5.790

/grilled white polenta, ajvar/

Beef filet  8.790

/from the hortobágy, celery purée, red wine onion, coffee jus/

Beef and mushroom pasta  5.790

/mushrooms and porcini velouté/

Fillet of venison  7.790

/with sliced dumplings and ginger jus/

Fillet of perch  6.890

/breaded fillet of perch with creamy and fresh spinach/

Fried perch  6.390

/breaded fillet of perch with creamy and fresh spinach/


Basket of bread  690

Gluten free roll  390

Parsley potatoes  1.390

Fried potatoes  1.390


Pearl barley risotto  3.690

/with root vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes/

Lentil stew 3.990

/with mapo tofu pesto and grilled kapia pepper/

Szaletly superfood  3.990

/with seasonal vegetables, with parsnip purée, candied nuts and artisan honey/

Mushroom pasta 4.190

/with forest and aromatic mushrooms, porcini sauce/

Layered potatoes  4.190

/potato textures, six minute egg and parsley salad/


Seasonal pickel  1.390

Cucumber salad  1.390

/with roasted garlic purée sour cream, ruby peppers/

Broccoli salad  1.390

/salad leaves with sesame dressing, toasted sesame seeds/

Mixed salad  1.390 

assorted green leaves with cucumber, pesto


Chestnut mousse 1.990

/with cherry compote and candied hazelnuts/

Chocolate daydream  2.590

/with apricot jam/

Floating island  2.290

/with salted caramel and a few drops of olive oil/

Somlói (Hungarian trifle)  2.590

/made with carefully selected ingredients/

Apple dessert  2.590

/baked apple, coconut foam, orange crisp/

Selection of cheeses  2.990

/artisan cheese with spicy jam/


Chicken bouillon   1.390

/with vermicelli/

Cream soup  1.390

seasonal ingredients

Szaletly chicken nuggets  2.790

/with mashed potatoes/

Pasta with sour cream and chees  2.490

Our prices are in HUF and include VAT. 13% service charge added to the total invoice amount will be charged.


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