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Dear Guest!

When during a casual conversation we decided to begin our journey into the hospitality business, we had no idea how fast the power of thought, and joy of creation would spearhead us forward. So fast that Szaletly would open already in December, 2021! So now, here we are in this beautiful turn of the century milieu, joyfully gazing at the menu that fully reflects all the ideas

that we wanted to convey. We truly believe in Hungarian hospitality and the excellence of Hungarian cuisine.These values we want to proudly represent and promote to you and to the world.

We also believe that the answer to the challenges of the 21st century is to go back to our roots, and to think locally. Using high quality local ingredients selected from Hungarian producers,

we offer our carefully prepared dishes to our guests. We hope you enjoy our menu, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask our colleagues. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy the Szaletly gastro experience we’ve created for you!

Dániel Szabó   Petra Nikoletti   Tamás Szalontay

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